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Rowa Carbon Crystal - Premium 1,000 mls with Filter Bag. 'OUT OF STOCK'

Rowa Carbon is an unusually high-performance activated carbon
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Rowa Carbon is an unusually high-performance activated carbon that is subject to strict quality control. Adsorbs harmful toxins, organic waste products and medication, thereby improving water quality in your aquarium. 

  • Highly active;
  • pH balanced;
  • comes in pellet form (reducing fine-grain material);
  • minimal release of phosphate (low POI=Phosphate Output Index).

Problems with algae are often caused by the release of phosphate from impure activated carbon with high POI levels – often as high as 14.0, which inhibits lime synthesis in coralline algae, corals and other organisms that deposit lime.
ROWA CARBON is distinguished by its exceptionally low POI level of only 1.3.

For removing ozone:
ROWA CARBON can be used as a long-term filter to ensure the removal ozone. 100 to 300 ml of ROWA CARBON should be installed directly after the protein skimmer.
For removing yellow coloration from water:
Use 500 ml of ROWA CARBON for 1000 liters of aquarium water. ROWA CARBON should remain in the filter/sump for approx. 2 to 4 days. Strong staining of the aquarium water, from organic bark to peat can be dealt with by increasing the amount used. For sea-water use ROWA CARBON for only 1 or 2 days. The procedure can be repeated every four weeks.
For use following treatment with medication: Apply approx. 400 ml of ROWA CARBON to 500 liters of aquarium water for both salt-water and freshwater for no longer than 5 to 7 days.

Tip: plant fertilizers, trace elements and iodine should be redosed after application of activated carbon, since this will be also absorbed especially when using ozone.
High-performance activated carbon for crystal clear water in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Please rinse ROWA CARBON with water before use to remove carbon dust. ROWA CARBON should be placed between layers of fine filter cotton wool and put in a sump on in a separate filter. A suitable filter sock is included. The content of this package will treat up to 1000 liters of aquarium water foe approx. 6 months.

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