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Reverse Osmosis System Dupla RO300

The reverse osmosis draws pollutants (eg silicate, nitrate) and hardness-causing agents out of the water physically. In the reverse osmosis system
$399.90 incl GST


Reverse osmosis units create the optimal starting water for marine water and freshwater aquaria. Many water problems can often only be resolved by using reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis units use the principle of physical filtration. Unlike ion exchangers, for example, which exchange ions (e.g. calcium) which cause hard water with other ions (e.g. sodium) which do not cause hard water, reverse osmosis unit physically removes pollutants (e.g. silicate, nitrate) and hardness components from the water. In a reverse osmosis unit, the water runs through a semipermeable membrane at the residential pressure in water lines of 2 − max. 6 bar. The substances (pollutants, salts or hardness components) which have dissolved in the water are unable to pass the fine lattice structure of the membrane and remain in the residual water. This residual water is discharged as concentrate and can easily be used for cleaning, watering or as service water. Dupla reverse osmosis units retain up to 95 − 98 % of all pollutants in tap water.

Tip: By connecting a Dupla ultrapure water filter (optional) downstream, even the smallest particles of silicates and nitrates are fully removed. 
Scope of delivery:

RO 300 fully assembled with sediment filter (5 µm fine filter), carbon filter and membrane
3 x 2 m hose
3/4 inch tap connection
flow limiter with built-in flush valve
wall bracket
hose plug
housing key for filter and membrane housing
operating instructions 

Technical data:

max. output 300 L / day, varies by quality of the supply water
average output 220 -300 L / day at 8 − 15° C and 3 − 6 bar pressure
average retention rate 95 − 98 %
aluminium 97 − 98 %
cadmium 95 − 98 %
bacteria 99 %
nitrate max. 90 %
silicate max. 90 %
sulphate 97 − 98 %
hardeners 95 − 98 %

Ratio concentrate : permeate 4 : 1 / 3 : 1 depending on supply water quality and pressure.

Conductivity ratio tap water: permeate

1.000 µS  to 50 µS
   300 µS  to 15 µS
Conductivity ratio tap water: permeate with
downstream Dupla ultrapure water filter

1.000 µS  to 1 µS
  300 µS  to 1 µS