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Red Sea ReefLED 50 Universal Mounting Arm

Aquarium mounting arm for the Red Sea ReefLED 50
Manufacturer: Red Sea
$96.90 incl GST

The ReefLED 50's Universal Mounting Arm is perfect for nano-sized aquariums that need a tank mounted bracket to support their light. Red Sea's Mounting Arm can be rotated from side to side allowing you to push it out of the way for aquascaping or maintenance inside the aquarium. The support will perfectly position the light on aquariums that are 14" up to 20" front to back. Assembly is quick and can be completely removed and reinstalled from the aquarium in a matter of minutes.


Ideal Tank Width - 14" - 20"

Glass Thickness - 5/16" - 5/8"

LED Mounting Height - up to 11" (approx.)

What's Included?

1x Mounting Arm Assembly

1x Hinged Light Mounting Bracket

1x Tank Mounting Bracket

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