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Malachite Green 0.4% 1 liter

Malachite Green is used to treat ectoparasites such as gill flukes, Ich and Trichodina as well as bacteria and fungal infections. Malachite Green is toxic to small fry.
$97.60 incl GST
  • Malachite Green is an effective medication used for the control of various external parasites of freshwater and marine fishes
  • When used as directed the medication will control or prevent the following common protozoan parasites: Ichthyophthinus (freshwater Ich), Costra, Chilodonella, Ambiphyra, Cryptocaryon (marine Ich), Epistylis, Oodinium and Trichodina
  • Malachite Green is also effective against common external fungal infections of fishes and eggs which include Achlya and Saprolegnia