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Living Reef Salt 20 kg

A quality salt at a budget price suitable for mixed Reef systems and Fish only systems.
$119.00 incl GST

The new formula of LIVING REEF SALT is a blend of salts specifically formulated for the reef aquarium that contains all essential major and minor trace components found in natural reef waters.  

Only pure high grade raw materials are used in the making of LIVING REEF SALT.  Manufactured under strict quality assurance. Dissolves rapidly in Reverse Osmosis water to produce a very clear and high quality salt mix which can be used immediately. 

Mixing Directions: 

Mix 35 grams of LIVING REEF SALT per 1 liter of Reverse Osmosis water. Stir well until completely dissolved in the water.  Check salinity prior to placing in your aquarium. Can be used immediately.

Calcium – 400ppm
Alkalinity/KH – 10dKH
Magnesium – 1450ppm
Trace elements at balanced levels.
@ specific gravity 1.026

This salt has been manufactured and researched for the last 15 years. It is now used extensively throughout Europe and around the world.  After Living Reef’s extensive research on this salt and backed by the many positive reviews it gave Living Reef the confidence to put their name on it.