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Polyp Lab Scope Flashlight

Scope Blue LED Flashlight
Manufacturer: Polyp Lab
$37.90 incl GST

The Scope, not just another flashlight... the polyplab scope. A 420-nanometer blue reef light that is compact enough to fit in your pocket and runs on only one double AA battery. Enables you to see the natural bioluminescence of your corals. Specifically designed to watch your corals night feed on reef roids.

Search for active parasites in your aquarium when they are most active in the evening hours or cherry picking corals at your local frag swap.

Verifying the health of your fish and corals by spotlighting for parasites, nudibranch, flatworms, and flukes. Scopes built in focus beam used to concentrate light for where you need it most.

PolypLab's Scope Blue Flashlight Lets The True Colors Show!

Under blue actinic lighting, the bioluminescence within the corals can actually be seen after the lights on your tank turn off. The blue light emitted from the Scope Flashlight is the perfect wavelength to make corals pop, but also can be helpful in a few other applications around the tank. If you like to take pictures of your corals under the blue light, make frequent trips to the local fish store to cherry pick your corals, or attend frag swaps the PolypLab Scope LED Flashlight can let you see what the corals actually have to offer. 

  • Great for photography
  • Aids in pest and parasite hunting
  • Portable for frag swaps or local fish stores
  • Can be used with the aquarium lights on or off
  • Shows off corals true bioluminescence

 What's Included?

1x Polyplab Scope Blue LED Flashlight

1x AA Battery

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