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Flipper Standard FLOAT

2 in 1 magnetic aquarium algae cleaner suitable for glass tanks up to 12mm
$98.40 incl GST

The Flipper Standard Float can be used on glass tanks up to 12mm (1/2") thickness.  

The Flipper Standard FLOAT is everything you love about the original Flipper, but now it FLOATS!

Scrub, Flip, Scrape, Float -- A magnetic aquarium cleaner that does it all while keeping your hands dry!

Fl!pper Standard Float is made with the strongest rare earth magnets optimized for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 1/2" (12mm) in thickness. Each Fl!pper Nano comes with a stainless steel blade to be used on glass tanks only. 

Scrubber - Scraper - Flipper - Floater
The Flipper Standard is the most versatile aquarium magnet cleaner available for glass aquariums. The patented design allows it to “Flip” inside the tank simply by rotating the outer handle!

With a large soft cleaning pad on one side for daily maintenance and a Flip over to a stainless steel blade on the opposite side for removal of hard algae, it is all you will ever need to keep your glass crystal clear without ever reaching in the tank!

If the cleaner ever happens to become detached, the new Fl!pper FLOAT will float to the top of your aquarium for easy retrieval!

It is the ONLY magnetic aquarium cleaner that does it ALL!!!


  • Will float to the top of your aquarium for easy retrieval if the cleaner becomes detached
  • New and improved blade design for more effective cleaning
  • Made with strong rare earth magnets suitable for glass up to 1/2" (12mm) in thickness
  • For fresh or saltwater aquariums
  • Easy to use with a simple flip
  • Comes with one stainless steel blade to be used on glass tanks only
  • Ultra low profile design for cleaning hard to reach places
  • Removal of hard algae with little effort

Tips for optimal Flipping! the Corner flip is a no-brainer!
1) Flip in areas of the tank with low water currents.
2) Flip near the top of the tank away from rocks, sand and gravel. We like corner flipping best (see video)
3) Remember when flipping to keep the top of the handle lined up with the top of the inside unit.
(Note that during the actual Flip we move the handle down slightly to track the slow descent of the Flipper)

Manufacturer Info

Flipper is the only cleaner that can flip from pad for basic cleaning to a coraline busting blade. compatible with glass and acrylic tanks and is reef safe.

Say goodbye to your old cleaner with all it’s clumsy parts. Simply scrub away soft algae with the cleaning pad. Scrape away tough algae with the scraper. It`s the most versatile aquarium cleaner in the world!

Dreading putting your hands in a wet fish tank? Remove algae without getting your hands involved. Who knew cleaning your tank could even be fun!

You’ll never look back! Precise, powerful and agile. Daily maintenance AND tough algae removal. Compare the Flipper with other brands and see why Flipper is the best!

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