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Eheim CompactON 3000

The Eheim CompactON pump is very quiet with an adjustable flow rate. Can be used under water or outside the aquarium.
$380.80 incl GST

The EHEIM compactON aquarium pump is characterized by its name through a compact design and is thanks to the included accessory bag appropriate for versatile use – the EHEIM compactON 2100-16000 can also be modified for the use outside of the water. Thanks to the high quality material it is also possible to use them without problems in marine water.

Technical data EHEIM compactON 3000:

Pump output: 1800 up to 3000 litres per hour, adjustable
Power consumption: 230 V/50 Hz, 66w
Hose connection: suction and pressure side: 16/22 mm
Delivery head: max. 2.7 m
Dimensions: (height x width x depth) 142 x 70 x 109 mm
Mounting bracket for mounting the pump on the aquarium glass
For use in fresh and marine water

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