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Dupla Deioniser Cannister with Resin

Ultra Pure water filter with colour indicator.
$79.90 incl GST

Filter housing filled with 500 ml Duresin RI. Is fitted downstream of an osmosis system. Includes hose connections for osmosis systems.

Binds silicates, nitrates and residual salt within the permeate (pure water in the reverse osmosis system). Colour indicator shows the degree of material exhaustion. A ready-to-used mixed bed resin that is also adequate for complete desalting and consists of equal parts of a cation and an anion exchanger. Duresin RI enables an electric conductibility of 0.1 μS/cm in all common mixed bed applications. Due to the usage of the alkaline anion exchanger Duresin RI, a very low silicic acid passage is guaranteed for the entire duration of use.