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Bacter M Dupla Marin 20 ampoules 'OUT OF STOCK'

Bacter M Dupla Marin adds a high concentration of water purifying bacteria to the aquarium.

Bacter M Dupla Marin adds a high concentration of water purifying bacteria to the aquarium during the breaking in period, after cleaning the filter, after changing the water, or if the water quality is poor. Reduces nitrite,nitrates, phosphates, the volume of organic waste products and the danger of infections.

Bacter M. Bioactive Microorganisms for Water Optimisation.

Constituents: Approx. 50 billion nitrifying bacteria Nitrosomas europea + Nitrobacter winogradskyi. Heterotrophic bacteria Paracoccus denitrificans + Pseudomonas stuzeri.

Form: Solution for adding to aquarium water.

Container Sizes: 20 ampoules for 10,000 l of water, 

Dosage and Range of Application: For water purification: 1 ampoule for 1,000 l of water every 2 weeks. For reduction of nitrates: 1 ampoule for 60 l + 1 ampoule for the filter. Shake ampoule well for 15 seconds before use to swell the bacteria located in the ampoule tips. Dissolve the contents into 1 l of aquarium water before adding the mixture to the water and the filter.

Action: Bacter M is a highly concentrated and top quality biotechnological product for improving water quality. Selected nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains convert ammonia to nitrite, nitrite to nitrate and nitrate to nitrogen. Bacter M accelerates the breaking-in phase of the aquarium, restricts the growth of red algae by reducing nitrite and phosphate, biologically purifies the water by absorbing organic waste products and maintains the balance of bacterial strains whilst reducing the risk of infection.

Interaction with other products: The simultaneous use of absorbent filter materials such as activated carbon has a negative effect.

Storage: Store in original packaging and out of sunlight.

Storage Life: No limit as stored in ampoules under nitrogen and away from aerial oxygen.

Bacter M Dupla Marin 20 ampoules 'OUT OF STOCK' 20 vials
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