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Aqua One Reef Pro Salt 20kg

New and Improved Aqua One Reef Pro synthetic salt with elevated Calcium, Magnesium and alkalinity.
$139.00 incl GST

Aqua One Salt Reef Pro Synthetic 20kg Bucket (600L)

Aqua One salt is a synthetic sea salt formulated to provide your fish with aquarium water which is as close to natural sea water as possible. Special care is taken during manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality raw materials and processes are used. This strict quality control guarantees pollutants like phosphate and nitrate are not introduced to your aquarium during a water change.

Aqua One salt is fast dissolving and easy to use. The included scoop makes measuring out the correct amount of salt for your water change easy and accurate. Aqua One salt contains all the necessary elements and minerals vital for the growth and wellbeing of your marine animals.

Features & Benefits:

• Measuring scoop included
• High calcium content
• Fast dissolving
• Phosphate free
• Nitrate free
• Balanced formula 

Suitable for: Mariine & Coral Reef

@ 1.026. Alkalinity 9 dKH, Calcium 460ppm, Magnesium 1450ppm

REVIEW- Gosh, we were sceptical about this salt, really sceptical. Aqua One’s first attempt at a salt product was awful and we hated it. But Aqua One Reef salt is surprisingly…. Great! It dissolves quickly, is rich in calcium and magnesium and has a sensible Kh too. It really is a very good salt that sells for not very much that’s why its our favourite ‘value’ marine salt and we really do think you’ll be pleased with it.




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